Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Toy Story Birthday Party ideas

Well this info. is actually from a while ago because it is from my son's birthday a couple of years ago, but since I didn't have a blog then, I will share it now!  I have to admit that I LOVED putting together the ideas for this birthday party - Toy Story is one of my favorite movies of all time!!!
The pictures on the wall are actually from a calendar,
so I had  plenty of Toy Story pics to hang around the house!
And since my kids have pretty much every Toy Story toy
there is, we used those as decorations as well!

I made cute alien hats out of foam visor hats you can find at your local craft
store, then I bought extra green foam sheets to make the ears and antenna,
then I glued on big googly eyes.  The kids loved them and they were super cheap to make!
I love a good bargain!

This was a sign I made to hang on the front door as everyone entered.
I used some of the pictures from the calendar and cut them to place on the sign,
which is made of the same green foam I used for the alien hats.
As my mother always said, "waste not, want not."

No party would be complete without games to play.  The above
picture shows the result of one of our favorite party games that
I remember playing as a child at my parties.

You fill a large brown paper bag with various, mismatched articles of clothing,
and fold over the top of the bag so no one can see inside.  Then you have someone
play music and the bag gets passed around as the children stand in a circle.
When the music stops, whoever is holding the bag must close their eyes
and take something out of the bag and put it on.  By the end of the game,
everyone is dressed in silly outfits/hats/accessories, etc.  It is super fun
and we always take a picture at the end to show off our silly outfits!

Since my kids were Woody and Buzz that Halloween, I thought it would be
cute to just put a picture of them on Joseph's cake, and have some Buzz Lightyear
colors for the wording and outline.  They are the best of friends and Joseph
was super excited to see him and his big brother on his birthday cake!

I just had to add a picture of my sweetie enjoying his birthday cake!

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