Here is my "go to" list of where the best printable coupons are:

Smart Source

Coupon Network

Red Plum

This website allows you to print coupons after you earn points.  The only thing you need to do in order to earn points is to make pledges toward a better environment, and watch videos about living a "greener" lifestyle.  Totally free website with great, sometimes rare printable coupons.

The following are not printable coupons, but they still provide you with GREAT savings!

Saving Star  
This site is actually one where you cannot print coupons, but you load them to your grocery store loyalty card and earn credits, which can in turn be used for gift cards or money back deposited directly into an account of your choice.

This is also a site where the savings gets loaded onto your grocery store's loyalty card, however the savings comes off immediately at the grocery store when they scan your card and then the item you load onto it.  This is a great way to double-up on savings because this you can use a cellfire coupon along with a printed/newspaper cut-out coupon!  Double the fun!

My other suggestion is to check out manufacturer websites of your favorite products.  Many times they will have tabs on their site just for "couponistas" like us!  
Some of my favorites are:

General Mills

P&G products

Box Tops 4 Education



**Please note that many of the above coupon and manufacturer websites will ask you to sign up and provide an email address and/or mailing address.  You really should only do what you are comfortable with, but I have used all of the above websites with absolutely no problem whatsoever!  I like to save my family money any way I can, and these sites have proven to be worth the occasional junk mail!  I have received TONS of money in the form of coupons and freebies, all while saving my family thousands, yes I said thousands of dollars!!!   

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