Thursday, July 12, 2012

Cake Pop Basket

The next time you are going to a party or BBQ, why not bring an edible bouquet of cake pops?  They are super easy to make, look pretty and taste delicious!
All you need is a cute basket and a foam circle (you can find in a craft store or dollar store), some crinkled paper and your cake pops!

Directions on how to make cake pops can be found here in an earlier post on my blog:

The directions tell you how to make Angry Bird cake pops, but you would just need to change up the decorating part - you can do as I did above and dip your cake pops into melted white chocolate wafers and then dip into colorful sprinkles!  YUM!

To finish off the basket you could always wrap in cellophane and put a pretty bow!  What a great gift to let someone know you are thinking of them!

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