Saturday, December 1, 2012

Wonderful DIY Advent Wreaths

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I just had to share this wonderful idea from  After getting a request for ideas on advent wreaths, I thought this idea was easy, beautiful and different!  You simply start with a bundt pan, add some glass votives (which can be found at your local dollar store), place some candles in the votives, and surround the votives with cranberries - instant advent wreath!  And you could definitely keep this one a little traditional by using 3 purple votives and 1 pink votive.  Also what you fill it with is up to you, cranberries are cute, but think potpourri, pine cones, small ornaments, etc.  The possibilities are endless!

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If you'd like to go with a more traditional advent wreath, you can always click this link for step by step directions on how to make your own advent wreath

Last but certainly not least, this advent wreath would be great for the children to make with you and best of all there is no worry about fire because it is made entirely out of construction paper!  Have all the members of your family trace their hands on green construction paper and cut out.  Then attach the hands to a paper plate (with the center cut out) to look like a "wreath" by gluing them all together  and layering (see above picture for reference).  Then take some purple paper to make 3 "candles" and pink paper to make 1 "candle."  Finally cut out some "flames" from orange paper and add them each week to celebrate the coming of Christmas!  

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