Thursday, June 21, 2012

Make Your Own Diaper Cake

The finished product!
Know anyone having a baby?  Well they will need PLENTY of diapers (lol), so a great gift to give them is a diaper cake!  Along with the much needed diapers you can put pretty much anything you want with the cake - onesies, sippy cups, etc.  

I've seen these diaper cakes so many times, and I finally decided to make one for my dear friend's baby shower.  It is SO simple, you'll wonder why you never made one yourself! 

  • Diapers!  Depending on how big you want to make the cake will determine the number of diapers you will need.  For the above diaper cake, I used about 45 diapers.  I bought an extra large box of diapers that had about 90 diapers in it, so I just put the extras in a cute gift bag to give along side the cake.
  • Small clear hair elastics (a little difficult to see in the below pic) - I found these at Target in their dollar aisle, but I am sure you can get them at a dollar store or drug store.  You will need 2 elastics for each diaper, so again depending on how big your cake will be will depend on how much you need.
Roll the diapers as tight as you can, and then add the small clear elastics -
one on the top of the diaper and one on the bottom of the diaper.

  • Large elastic bands - I used two - one for each layer of my cake to hold the diapers together (in the top picture, the large elastic band is underneath the purple ribbon.  I found it easier to put a bunch of the diapers together on the cardboard base, then put on the large elastic band, and then keep adding more diapers until the bottom layer looks nice and full, fitting on your cardboard base.  Then I basically did the same thing with the top layer and just placed it on the bottom layer of the cake.

  • Cardboard - this is used for the base of the cake - I just cut an 11 inch circle out of a cardboard box and covered it in foil, but you can also find cardboard cake circles at your local craft store (see below picture).

  • Onesies, sippy cups, etc - this is to add to cake (optional) - and you can really add whatever you would like (see below pictures). 
  • Glue dots - these wonderful little things can be found in your local craft store, and will help you keep the ribbon attached to the layers, as well as helping to keep your onesies, sippys cups, etc. in place on the cake.
  • Ribbons and decorations - I found ribbon and the cute butterflies at my local dollar store, but again you can use whatever you would like.  You will definitely need some sort of ribbon because it will cover the large rubber band you will use to hold the diapers together  (see below pictures) .  
Front view of the cake.

Back view of the cake.

Before the decorations.

  • Crinkled shredded paper - this will be used at the end when you are getting ready to wrap the diaper cake.  I just put some at the base of the cake to add some extra decoration, but you don'e even need to use the paper - it's up to you! 
  • Clear cellophane paper to wrap the diaper cake and help hold it together - plus it makes it look much prettier too!  A more finished look!
The finished product!

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